Decluttering Tips To Follow Before You Move to Your New House

When it comes to packing for a house move, nothing is more important than decluttering. If you don’t get rid of the unwanted stuff, you’ll be carrying it all to the new house where it is most likely to be packed and stored somewhere again. One of the other downsides of carrying along stuff which you essentially don’t need is that you would end up paying extra for moving it. Hence, getting rid of unwanted items is a great way to save money and enter your new house with no junk. 

Here are a few tips by the professional movers of Miami’s top-rated company – A1A Movers to help you easily purge your stuff before moving:

  • Plan the furniture arrangement in your new house so you can decide which furniture items would or wouldn’t work in the new space.
  • See which of your kitchen appliances has been gathering dust for months or years. You can either donate or sell them to earn some extra cash.
  • If you have a lot of unused or unappreciated clothes in your closet, consider gifting or donating them.
  • The same goes for other accessories like handbags, belts, shoes, etc. 
  • Throw away any unimportant paperwork you have, and sell off old magazines, books and newspapers.
  • If your kids have grown up & no longer play with their old toys or read old books, consider donating these items to poor kids. 

The packing task is critical to the success of any house move. If you are too tired or occupied with other work, or simply don’t enjoy packing, you can leave it to A1A Movers, the most trusted moving and packaging company in Miami

To find out more about our moving and packaging services in Miami, feel free to visit You can also call us @ 877-212-6682 or drop an email @

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